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Local, state and sovereign or national governments all have priorities to serve their constituency and share the responsibility of providing efficient power sources which span the spectrum of renewable, alternative and conventional.


Landfill management, industrial and petroleum companies all manage waste streams which are high in caloric value and can be efficiently converted to fuels and electrical power through one of our state of the art gasification facilities.


We have several relationships with the academic community which is focused on developing efficient and reliable baseline power sources for proliferation into smaller and non-grid connected cities and villages.


Looking for a strategic partner for your waste to energy or exploration and development opportunities? CB World Trade Natural Energy has partnered with solid, and dedicated professionals in technology, fabrication, construction and E&P.
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About Us

We're more than just a consultant - we're your technology partner

CBWT was established in 2004 as a Brazilian based consulting firm specializing in emerging market finance, international trade development and business facilitation services. CBWT was originally founded to arrange commodity trades and joint venture relationships between Brazil and interested companies to further business relationships. Today, CBWT enjoys a portfolio of energy focused business relationships which include Latin America, Asia, USA, and Africa.

Currently, CBWT Natural Energy Limited has grown to create and manage alternative energy projects in addition to its more conventional petroleum endeavors.

Our project managers are experts in developing and financing energy projects.

CB World Trade NE has a relationship with premier offshore drilling contractors providing high specification drilling solutions for renowned national oil companies like Pemex, PetroBras and Ecopetrol. We have built one of the most experienced and dynamic teams in the industry with an unsurpassed safety program, premier offshore drilling performance, and a track record of outstanding results achieved by exceeding expectations for all of our stakeholders.

CB World Trade NE is affiliated with independent energy companies principally engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas. Their strategy is to increase reserves and production through the exploration of oil and gas properties with a high emphasis on international opportunities. CB World Trade NE is looking to expand into properties and exploration acreage located primarily in Latin America and and Africa.


Alternative and Renewable Energy

  • Waste to Energy
  • MRF/Transfer Station and Waste Pre-Handling
  • Water Cleanup and Desalination
  • Contaminated Landfill/APG Gas Cleanup and Conversion
  • Wind Power
  • Concentrated Solar Power (Metal Hydride/Sterling Storage)
  • Technology Transfer Agreements and Subsequent Partner Identification
  • Large Scale Engineering and Project Development Insurance and Finance

Petroleum Related Projects - Oil and Gas Concession Development

We offer the following services to enterprise or sovereign clients

  • Loan restructurings and workouts.
  • Provision of various Insurance products
  • Project development, with a focus on emerging markets, natural resources and raw materials.
  • Strategic business development, technology transfer consultation, and political consulting services.
  • Structuring project finance with various bilateral and multilateral global financing programs.
  • Servicing candidate enterprise and private partners who are willing and able to joint venture growth industries with sovereign clients.
  • Financing and managing alternative energy projects through various private and or government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Guarantee Program.

Petroleum Related Projects - Oil and Gas Concession Development

CBWT provides or arranges financing for many transactions through readily available venture capital sources, government programs, and or other state or regional development funding sources. We avail ourselves of various global finance, development, and export guarantee programs. We are constantly on the lookout for new financing programs for our clients.

CBWT’s legacy technology programs include the transfer and proliferation of technologies into Latin America for the manufacture, finance, and marketing of the following:
  • Wind turbines and related sub-systems high technology electrical power transmission cables, and resultant electrical power grid upgrades
  • Waste and biomass conversion and gasification systems which provide liquid fuels, water or electricity
  • Large scale cleanup and desalination of contaminated water supplies
  • Providing finance and joint venture operating arrangements for deep and ultra-deep petroleum exploration opportunities
  • Composite material manufacturing facilities for aerospace and aircraft parts
  • Virgin rubber substitute manufacturing facility derived from automobile parts, tires and butyl rubber industrial sources
  • Cleanup and conversion of landfill and associated petroleum gasses for purposes of injection into the pipeline or for power generation.
  • Application of reactive silane anti-oxidation coatings for salt water environments, heavy industry, tooling, ceramics, and military purposes
  • Manufacture of drilling additives for petroleum exploration
  • Agricultural aerobic chemistry and additives for cropland salvage and reclamation

CBWT also has working relationships with finance sources that provide exotic analyses, funding of technology transfers, license proliferation agreements, and marketing support as well as venture capital groups that make capital available through final IPO/PPO offerings. CBWT is also capable of purchase order factoring and invoice substitution.

CBWT´s legal and accounting firms routinely handle transactions between manufacturers and foreign technology holders who wish to access the quality manufacturing expertise, and trained labor pool of the Latin American marketplace. Capital repatriation, tax engineering, patent protection, intellectual property issues, and corporate structure services are a must for foreign enterprise clients. Our professional teams are amongst the best available globally and are invaluable in this role. If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call at your earliest convenience.

CB World Trade-Natural Energy is now focusing on upstream and mid-stream oil and gas opportunities, both as an explorer for, and developer of, natural energy resources. Our current areas of emphasis are East and Central Africa and Madagascar where we recognize the presence of all the elements needed for extraordinary technical, commercial, and community development success. See our Partners/Links section of the website for more information.

Discovering and Developing New Natural Energy Resources
We are focusing on upstream and mid-stream oil and gas opportunities, both as an explorer for, and developer of, natural energy resources. Our current areas of emphasis are East and Central Africa and Madagascar where we recognize the presence of all the elements needed for extraordinary technical, commercial, and community development success.

Our Partners

SK Energy
ECO Integrated Technologies, Inc.
First Drill Latin America
Petro Titan America
Braxton Associates
Structured Trade Finance Corporation
Bravo Drilling
TTS Manufacturing
Cryogenics of Canada, Inc.
HYDUKE Energy Services


We use intellectual property granted in 2012 based upon a decade of research which utilizes the only hybrid gasification, pyrolysis and carbonization principle granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office in history. This system has no moving parts, is batch operated and provides the highest efficiency of any renewable energy system in existence. The systems are built with full process and financial guarantees, are on line in less than 7 months, and are less costly than all others. This system is in commercial operation now and ready for large scale proliferation throughout our spheres of influence.
Our systems can convert any carbonaceous feedstock into fuel, syngas, electrical power and or steam. This includes industrial waste, packaging materials, municipal solid waste, scrap rubber/plastic/leather, “brown” coal, petroleum waste/residue, biomass/invasive species, chemical waste, and food waste.
We provide a high technology approach to the issue of clean water. Using two different systems allows us to either destroy the contaminants by utilizing high temperature cavitation principles or recapturing the oils and separating the water by use of lasers. Both systems are an order of magnitude cheaper than traditional systems and both systems provide pure, clean distilled water in industrial quantities. Typical uses are separating oil/water from petroleum operations, industrial operations, desalination and river/pond cleanup. Our customers are frequently municipalities and enterprises which are held responsible for water cleanup. Both of these systems are proven and are now being commercialized on a large scale.
We provide a high technology approach to collecting and storing solar energy. Our collection system utilizes a parabolic mirror which focuses solar energy on a small window of mineral glass which approaches the temperature of the sun. The energy of that high energy beam is stored inside a metal hydride which runs a Stirling engine. The result is LCOE of 5.5 cents per kilowatt hour baseline power. This system is proven and is ready for commercialization at this time.
Our financial partners span the spectrum of high net worth individuals, venture capital and government sources, and institutional lenders. We have debt and equity partners who can provide a broad scope of solutions to most project constraints. In many cases, our partners and internal sources can take care of all financial considerations.

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